Kathy Sullivan Homes
  • Community Events

    TV & Filmmaker Networking

    Boston Film and Video Production

    This is a casual networking meeting for filmmakers and TV Producers. Who should attend: Editors, actors, writers, videographers, or anyone who provides service to this industry. We will start at 4:30 and wrap up by 6:00 with a tour of our...

    Group Meditation Tuesday Evenings

    Tuesday Evening Group Meditation

    This is a quiet space .... designed to inspire, nurture and support your meditation practice so that you might find your own quiet mind. “You are worthy of love” When we find ourselves filled with expectations, we create fertile ground for...

    ADHD Adult support group Boston & the South Shore

    CHADD Boston/Milton ADHD Support Groups

    This is a free support group for Adults with ADHD. We will be meeting monthly. We will meet on the third Wed of the month starting this June (2015.)

  • Happier Hardwood Floors

              Hardwood floors make for a beautiful, stunning addition to your home. However, they can bring new cleaning and maintenance challenges that aren’t present with carpet. Here are some tips for simple, efficient, and thorough hardwood floor cleaning. Make the job easier Place mats on either side of your exterior doors […]


    Moving Tips

    Buying a house and moving in is gonna cost you. There’s no way around it. Right? Well, actually, there may just be a way to make it not quite so painful. A willingness to negotiate and put in a little work plus a little inside info on special deals you can take advantage of can […]



    This is a great article on how to improve your home’s appeal for sale… Your home is boring. Drab. Blah. Snoozeville. Which is weird, because you’re bubbly, fun, and full of life. Right? Isn’t it time your home matched your verve? Your vigor? Your joie de vivre? Lucky for you, there are some easy ways […]